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Customer Profile: Annie Price


This month's customer profile features Annie Price, the brilliant creative force behind the Instagram accounts @flindersnuthouse and @mad_house_beaumaris. In addition to her three decades of experience as a Creative Director in the advertising industry, Annie is a talented interior stylist - showcasing her ultra-colourful, retro style in both her own home and her beloved 'Flinders Nut House' beach shack, which is also available as a holiday rental. As anyone who follows Annie and her family (including partner, Jamie and daughter, Dot) on Instagram - or who has stayed at the Nut House - will know, Annie's 'more is more' styling is a striking yet homely testament to the decorative magic that can be made with thrifted and second-hand pieces. If you are looking for some inspiration for injecting some op-shop flair into your own home, look no further!

Read on to find out what Annie had to say about shopping sustainably, Molly Ringwald, and how selecting second-hand homewares can help you "break out of the humdrum".

Tell us a little bit about yourself… 

Annie Price, 50 something, Creative Director. My interests include: op shops, garage sales, hard rubbish, gardening, sewing/creating and playing house!


How and when did you first get into op-shopping? 

I grew up with thrifty parents who took me op-shopping with them from a super young age. They bought secondhand as a necessity. I got right into it as a teenager, wanting to look like Molly Ringwald from ‘Pretty in Pink’.  But back then, the op shops weren’t a patch on what they are now, and everything was pretty smelly and awful. Poor Mum sometimes insisted on washing things five times before I could wear them! 


What do you enjoy or appreciate about buying second-hand?  

I hate how wasteful we’ve become as a society. I see perfectly good things on hard rubbish that should be donated to charity and it makes me so sad. I love the idea that I’m helping save things from landfill and doing my bit toward a more sustainable society, but of course I also love the thrill of the chase and the buzz you get when you find something special.


What do you shop for the most in op-shops? What is your go-to section of a Salvos store? 

I look at every section to be honest, as I don’t want to miss anything! Books for my daughter, clothes for me and my partner, homewares… just because. You also need to look everywhere in case someone’s put something in the wrong spot (I found a great planter the other day in the toy section as someone thought it was a doll bed!).


Can you tell us about the best purchase you have made in a Salvos store?

There’s so many but if I had to pick, it would be the amazing vintage Roger Lecal Lipstick mirror. I thought for sure it would say ‘store use only’ but it didn’t! It was actually for sale… I couldn’t believe my luck.  

If you could manifest an item to find on your next Salvos visit, what would it be? 

An original Featherston chair. Too much to ask?!!


What is your best op-shopping tip?

Go often and go slow. You really have to take your time and you have to check regularly. Some days you’ll find nothing and other days you’ll find a basket full. That’s all part of the fun. Don’t give up!


What would you say to someone to encourage them to get into op-shopping?

I’d say ‘do your bit for sustainability’. And ‘break out of the humdrum of ‘normal’ shops'. It’s all same same and so boring. Lastly, ‘if you think you won’t find it in an op shop, think again… it’s all there.’

You can find Annie on Instagram @flindersnuthouse or @mad_house_beaumaris. You can also book a stay at Flinders Nut House via AirBnB or Riparide.


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