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Online Thrifting (Yes, it's a thing!)


Love thrifting? Live for online shopping? If you’re nodding right now, you’ll fall head over heels for our new online store.

Brimming with thousands of pre-loved items, Salvos Stores online is the virtual op shop that never sleeps.

So how does it work, you might ask.

Nearly 100 Salvos Stores around Australia hand-pick items from their shops and list them online. They take the pictures, write the descriptions, list the items online and get a little skip in their step when someone purchases them. They’re also the ones who carefully pack the item up and send it to its new owner (that’s you!). 

Although we’re likely (okay, definitely) bias, online thrift shopping is one of the best ways to get your online shopping kick, while doing your bit for the planet and supporting programs to help those in need. Talk about a win, win, win.

You might also wonder, why would Salvos Stores go online?

This has been a huge step for our organisation and one we’re so excited to share with our customers. Quicker than we could have imagined, Covid-19 changed the way our organisation worked and that meant going online and making thrifting a digital experience. 

Our online store ensures our customers can still op shop. It keeps our teams engaged when stores have had to temporarily close. It allows us to be there for our community. And, it means we continue raising funds to support Salvation Army programs for vulnerable Australians (something that feels more important now, than ever before).

So, why not take a look for yourself? (Go on!)