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SALA: The art of repurposing


Kings Park Salvos stores are celebrating SALA (South Australia Living Arts Festival) a state wide festival of visual art which promotes and celebrates the many talented visual artists in South Australia every August.

Deb, who has only been volunteering with the team for two months is part of the local arts community and encouraged the store to get into the spirit of it all and started by creating a steam punk wedding dress from up-cycled items found in the store —including rummaging through the scrap metal bin to find bits and pieces to turn into steam punk jewellery!

The result looked amazing and was a brilliant example of what can be created with a little time and imagination to re-purpose items and save them from landfill.

> Steam punk fashioned from pre-loved items found in store.

It was unfortunate that timing-wise the store missed out on being able to enter the festival with their displays, but the reaction from customers certainly made up for it and the team were encouraged to do more, including decorating foam heads with magazines rescued from the recycling bin and repurposing a unworkable record player into a piece of art! 

> Repurposed record player and music pieces make a quirky display for the store

We’ve had lots of interest with people wanting to take their photo with the displays and inquiring about purchasing the art once the festival is over (yes, they are!).

It’s such a great way to encourage and inspire people to think about up-cycling and re-purposing, and at at the same time make a piece of art that is truly unique!

To see these artworks visit our Kings Park store at: 307 Goodwood Road, Kings Park, SA 5034. Directions can be found here.

Find out more about SALA here.