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We get all kinds of weird and wonderful things generously donated to our stores. Occasionally we come across a donation so special that it captivates us all…

sewingkit vintagetin keysborough

Last week an old container was dropped off to our Keysborough store. The tin was aged and had a certain rustic charm – that would totally suit a vintage inspired interior. The lock had rusted shut and we were unsure of the contents. It was a challenge to open, but what they found inside was truly special.

sewingkit vintagetinopen keysborough

Opening the lid revealed a treasure trove of old sewing equipment, books and materials including vintage buttons, needles and threads, half completed embroidery projects, patterns, fabric, knitting needles, and old newspaper articles. And that was just the top layer!

sewingkit vintagespool keysborough

The vintage packaging was exquisite and everything was in great condition, despite being stored in a rusty tin. An article from the Australian Woman’s Weekly from 1953 was also part of the stash. Looking through Norma Quigley’s personal collection amassed over the years was a delight. We were taken back back in time, and given an insight to different times, when craft was celebrated and people mended or made their own things. in her life history was a delight.

sewingkit vintageneedles keysborough

There was lots of interest in store as we looked through it, and not surprisingly, the tin and contents were snapped the next day for $50. Many of our customers are vintage fans and collectors and we hope that the tin was purchased by someone who appreciates the history and the story behind Norma’s sewing case. What a gorgeous find it was!

sewingkit vintagebuttons keysborough

What’s the best vintage find you’ve had?

sewingkit vintagenewspaper keysborough